Competitors - Actual and Potential - Internal
  • Canadian Trade Index
  • International Expert Directory
  • AllExperts
    Internet-based question-and-answer service.
  • American Journalism Review (AJR) Web Resource Guide for Journalists
    Searable directory of contacts. Organizations pay for listings.
  • Business Wire
    A source for press releases, photos, multimedia and regulatory filings from companies and groups throughout the world.
  • The Canadian Press
    Bilingual Canadian news agency.
  • CNW (formerly Canada NewsWire)
    Distributes corporate news releases to business and media. Clients include about 2,000 publicly traded companies. Online database is searchable by company name, industry category, or by a limited number of broad topics.
  • Columbia Journalism Review
    Strong press, strong democracy.
  • Community of Science (COS) Expertise
    Database of scientific experts. Charges fees to acess the database.
  • CSRWire
    Corporate social responsibility and sustainability news, reports, events and information.
  • Services
  • Lexpert Research Services
    Lexpert Research Services finds experts and consultants for lawyers all over the world. Founded by Susan Wittenberg Liebeler, Lexpert specializes in locating university professors and other experts to serve as consultants, medical experts and expert witnesses. Whether you need an expert for litigation, arbitration, administrative proceedings or a consultant for advice and analysis in due diligence investigations, acquisitions or other consulting projects, Lexpert can help.
  • Marketwire
    News release distribution and related services and products.
    Formerly CCN Matthews.
    Bills itself as "the journalists' on-line information network.
    Press release service from Broadcast Interview Source.
  • NewsDirectory: Newspapers and Media
    Guide to English-language media online.
  • Newswise
    U.S.-based newswire service. 'Journalists look to Newswise as a trusted resource for knowledge-based news, embargoed research results and expert contacts from the world's leading research institutions: universities, colleges, laboratories, professional organizations, governmental agencies, and private research groups active in the fields of medicine, science, business and the humanities. Newswise maintains a comprehensive database of current news, searchable archives, subscription wire services, and advanced information management tools to enhance the value and efficiency of research-based news delivery for both journalists and source institutions.'
    Canadian and U.S. newspaper contact information and downloadable databases.
Related Links
  • AJR Newslink
    World Wide Web site featuring newspapers, magazines, broadcast media. Lists about 1800 sites.
  • All About Public Relations
    Site of Steven R. Van Hook, who has worked in media, international management, advertising, public relations, and education for more than twenty years, including positions in Washington, DC; Moscow, Russia; and Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Ask An Expert
    Bills itself as a kid-friendly expert site. Has experts who will respond to E-mail queries.
    Browser traps make this site irritating to use.
  • Association of Canadian Publishers WWW site
    Information on book publishing.
  • Authoratory
    Authoratory is a database of contact information, professional interests, social connections and funding of scientists.
  • Big List of Free Press Release Distribution Sites
  • Canadian Advertising Rates & Data (CARD)
    Advertising rates in Canadian media. Paid service.
  • Canadian Association of Journalists
    Reports about CAJ concerns and activities; plus a brief list of Internet resources for journalists.
  • Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
    Represents and provides resources for speakers, trainers, consultants and facilitators from across the country.
  • Cision
    Media lists, PR software, etc.
  • Condesa
    They have a "PR Leap news release distribution service which is supposed to help organizations get Internet exposure by applying search engine optimization features. They also have Legal News Watch, an online service that reports on the stories that impact your rights; Pill Blog, daily news and commentary on prescription drugs and the pharmaceutical industry; and Asbestos Today, an online magazine that aggregates the latest asbestos and mesothelioma news; Blawg Republic, an online service that collects the latest news and commentary from the legal blogging community; Search Visibility Report, an online service that collects the latest news and commentary from the search engine marketing community, and provides a digest view of such information.
  • Directories of Experts in Agriculture
    U.S. listing of directories listing experts in agriculture and related fields.
  • eMediaWire
    Online news and press release distribution service.
  • EworldWire Press Release Distribution News Wire Service
  • Expert Sources - How and Why to Find Them
    Has write-ups on Help a Reporter Out and Profnet.
    U.S. directory of contacts for the news media.
    Directory of expert witnesses and consultants. Paid listings.
    Directory of experts. Paid listings.
  • FACSNET Sources Online
    This database, from the Foundation for American Communications, includes experts
    of various kinds, plus the "Reporter's Cardfile," a list of think tanks, advocacy groups and special-interest
  • GuestFinder
    Service to help producers find guests to appear on talk shows. Listees pay to be listed.
  • Help A Reporter
  • Hoover's Online
    Directory of company information.
  • How to Create an Effective Calendar
    If you're thinking of starting your own calendar, think carefully! It takes a lot of effort to build and sustain one. There are already thousands of calendars on the web. For a variety of reasons, the vast majority are underused, ineffective, or are popular for a while but soon fail.
  • Interactive Press Release Builder
  • Intute
    A free online service providing access to the very best web resources for education and research. All material is evaluated and selected by a network of subject specialists to create the Intute database. Issues of trust, quality, and search skills are very real and significant concerns - particularly in a learning context. Academics, teachers, students and researchers are faced with a complex environment, with different routes into numerous different resources, different user interfaces, search mechanisms and authentication processes. The Intute database makes it possible to discover the best and most relevant resources in one easily accessible place. You can explore and discover trusted information, assured that it has been evaluated by specialists for its quality and relevance.
    Service will be winding down July 2001.
  • Jetpack Media
    Strategic communcations, web marketing, press releases, media event co-ordination.
  • Join the Atlantic Publishing Company Affiliate Program
    Atlantic Publishing Company is now accepting affiliates into their brand new Affiliate Program. This program pays a minimum of 20% commission to all affiliates, with the potential to earn even more.
  • JournalismNet
    Roadmap of Internet resources compiled by Julian Sher, designed to help journalists.
  • A Journalist's Guide to the Internet
    Resource for reporters.
  • The Media Clearinghouse
    Site of Oxbridge Communcations, publishers of Standard Periodical Directory.
    Connecting you with the media.
    Our site will guide you effortlessly through the process of uploading your fax and choosing from among 1000s of major and local media outlets in our database.Within minutes your press material will go directly to the right person at each news outlet.
  • Micromedia Home Page
    Lists and catalogues of information available through Micromedia.
  • Mocality
    Kenya's largest business directory.
  • Mymediainfo
    Media contacts databases
  • National Press Club Directory of News Sources
    U.S. news sources.
  • News Canada
    A niche service in public relations, offering access to print, radio, television, and now the Internet media, with ready-to-use, editorial "fill" items. Monitoring and analysis are two more of our primary services. The service supplies access to the national media for marketers in the private, the public, and the not-for-profit sectors. Your corporate and product news, consumer tips and information are packaged in a variety of ready-to-use formats and are made available to every Canadian media organization including weekly and daily newspapers, cable and commercial television stations, radio stations, as well as the Web sites Canadians visit most often.
  • NewsWatch Canada
    Media monitoring site.
  • Noble Internet Directories
    Duplicate record: See
  • NRC Expertise Database: Basic Search
    Experts with the National Research Council.
  • Poynter Institute
    A site to help journalists become better journalists.
  • PR Canada
    Advice about PR.
  • PR Leap
    Internet news distribution service run by Condesa (Ref10101).
  • PR Newswire
    News releases about companies.
  • Press release pointers: Writing and sending press releases
  • Profile Canada
  • ProfNet
    Database of experts, primarily U.S.-based. Now part of PR Newswire (
    Internet-based reference for over 150,000 domestic and international print and electronic publications including magazines, journals, e-journals, newsletters, and monographs. provides quick and easy access to detailed publication information including, titles, formats, publisher addresses, editor contacts, circulation data, and ISSN numbers. also provides access to subscription services as well as article level information through rights and permissions providers and document delivery services.
  • Saur Verlag
    Der K. G. Saur Verlag, ein Imprint der Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co. KG, ist einer der führenden internationalen Verlage biographischer und bibliographischer Nachschlagewerke für Bibliotheken und die Wissenschaft weltweit.
  • Seeking the spotlight: how to gain media attention for your business
    Win enough positive attention from the public eye and your business will have a better chance of succeeding.
  • Southam Inc.
    Links to Southam-owned newspapers across Canada and archives of stories from the last three months.
    Canadian resources. Canadian directory.
  • Thomas Register
    Online version of the Thomas Register of manufacturing firms.
  • Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory
    The printe dition of Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory lists 63,000 periodicals, by title, under 385 subject headings. A title index is provided. The directory is updated between editions by Ulrich's quarterly and is a companion volumn to Irregular Serials and Annuals.
    The online version is restricted to paid subscribers.
  • Warren Whitlock Best Seller Book Marketing
  • WritersNet
    Writing resources, news and discussion for authors / writers, editors, publishers and agents.
  • zTrenzDirectory
    A web directory providing listings to websites in virtually every subject which is available. Our mission is to organize and provide exposure to websites content into comprehensive subjects which are categorized in wide range of categories.
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